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dr evelyn chia
Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
Dr Evelyn Chia is a female obstetrician and gynaecologist serving Sydney's North Shore. She delivers babies at Mater Hospital and North Shore Private Hospital...see more
Suite 1.06, 63a Archer Street
Chatswood NSW 2067

TELEPHONE 02 9412 3808
FAX 02 9412 3087
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What they are saying...

   We love Dr. Chia! She made my pregnancy so smooth and calm. Dr. Chia is very professional yet friendly and really nice. She’s not putting pressures and worries to her patients up to delivery day and even after giving birth. I’m so happy I chose Dr. Chia - my whole pregnancy experience was easy and successful. Thank you very much for taking care of me and bubba. Communication with her and her team is superb! Getting immediate response as soon as I send out my concerns through emails. Overall experience with Dr. Chia - Outstanding and highly recommended!   

  Dr Chia was recommended to us and from our first appointment we felt completely comfortable and at ease. We never felt rushed and all our questions were always answered. Being my first pregnancy I was a little nervous at birth but as soon as Dr Chia entered the delivery room I felt calm and prepared. Thank you so much for all your help and guidance, we will definitely be back when the time comes for baby number 2.  

- Kathryn, Vahe & baby Emilia

  Dr Evelyn Chia delivered our 1st child in August 2018 at NSP. Dr Evelyn Chia has a great personality and is very caring. My partner was made to feel very comfortable and a part of everything. Our child “Dylan” was delivered via planned C-section as he was in breech position and everything went great. Dr Evelyn Chia made sure we were aware of what would happen on the day. Dr Evelyn Chia was professional from start to finish which helped us have a very positive experience. Her advice and knowledge provided to us as a Obstetrician and as a Parent assisted us to understand all aspects and make better choices and decisions. We recommend Dr Evelyn Chia and would definitely use her again if we have another child. Thank you Dr Evelyn Chia.   

- Sandra, Dylan and Grant

  Dr Chia was my doctor for 3 pregnancies. 1 natural birth, a miscarriage and a c section so you could say we went through a lot together. She was lovely to have as my doctor, such a cheerful woman who greeted me with a big smile at every appointment. She always ran on time for appointments and explained things clearly (even 2nd time round). She was very compassionate when I had my miscarriage and when I had complications with my 3rd pregnancy she went through everything with my husband and I in a supportive manner. She clearly loves her job and this is shown by the cheer on her face when she handed me my babies. Thanks Dr Chia, I hope we cross paths again one day for another baby.  

  When I found out that I was pregnant, I knew I had to find a good doctor for my first baby and when I searched for one near where I lived Dr. Chia's name came up and after reading her profile and testimonials I instantly knew she was the one for us. Now, after several appointments and a successful delivery of my baby boy, I have to say that choosing Dr.Chia to look after us is the best decision I have made for me and my baby, I could not have asked for a better doctor. She is truly amazing! She is very professional and caring and I would definitely recommend her many times over to everyone I know as well as to whoever will read this review. I am very grateful as Dr. Evelyn Chia has made my first pregnancy and childbirth a wonderful experience and I have always felt that we were in good hands. We pray that she will continue to deliver more healthy babies and make a lot of mums and dads happy!   

- Yan and Tom

  I could not have imagined a better doctor than Evelyn Chia to help bring my little girl safely into the world. I found her extremely professional as well as understanding and compassionate. I really appreciated how well she explained and informed me about medical information. Her practice was extremely organised and helpful in terms of organising referrals and appointments, even at short notice. Thanks again,  

- Belinda

  Dr Chia delivered my beautiful daughter Mia in Mater Hospital two months ago. We want to express our sincere gratefulness to both Dr Chia and her lovely team Tracey and Amanda. They delivered professional service beyond our expectations. We look forward to seeing Dr Chia and her team when we excepts our next family member.   

- Yan and Tom

  Dr Evelyn Chia helped deliver my little boy 4 years ago. As soon as I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd baby, I immediately called to book an appointment with Dr Chia again. Dr Chia is professional, caring, and gentle. She is genuine and absolutely delightful with a great sense of humour. Attending each appointment is relaxing, reassuring and something to look forward to. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Chia to anyone and will definitely see her again if I ever want to have a 3rd baby! Rainbow, Vince, Tyler and Talia  

- Rainbow

  We had a wonderful experience with Evelyn and cannot thank her enough for the amazing work she had done helping me through my first pregnancy and delivering my baby Elliot. From day one, I trusted Evelyn and felt she was always going to help me make the right decision. She encouraged us to chose the delivery that suits us and guided us when time was to listen to my body and my baby and go through a C-section. She, then, did again a very professional clean job. The scar is so thin and the nurses were really impressed with the quality of healing. Tracey was a big part of the whole adventure too as she’s always so kind when I come to the practice. She makes a point to know me and remembers the little things I share with her. I felt valued and appreciated each time I came for a visit. This whole adventure has been smooth, stress free and enjoyable with the help of these two lovely ladies! Thanks again!   

- Gwendoline Mooney

  I’m thrilled I chose Evelyn as my obstetrician for the safe and smooth delivery our baby girl Rose. Evelyn is just lovely and her attention to detail is brilliant. At every step of the journey she coached me through what was next and what needed to be considered - which allowed me to relax and enjoy my pregnancy knowing I was in very safe hands. We hope to see Dr Chia again for Baby #2 in the not to distant future.  

- Kate

  Thank you for your professional support during my first pregnancy! I couldn't have asked for a better OB and a better birthing experience. You have been attentive, empathetic and gave me sound medical advice so that I can make informed decisions throughout my pregnancy, birth and post delivery.   

- Lucy, Frank and little Miranda Lin

  Finally some down time while Amelia is at childcare to email you a testimonial. Dr Chia has managed and delivered my two children, Amelia and more recently, Aaron. My first pregnancy was smooth and straight forward but there were a few bumps in my second, which she handled with professionalism and aplomb. However, it was during delivery that she truly shone. She was both supportive and commanding, handling the situations efficiently. Her post-delivery handiwork is pretty neat as well. Now that I have had all the children I’d want to have, I will miss our chats during consultations. Her friendly, open manner puts you at ease and encourages you to approach her with all your concerns. I have no qualms recommending Dr Chia’s services to anyone. She was instrumental in ensuring my pregnancy experiences were pleasant and stress-free. 

- Sue-lynn Tan

  Thank you for your professional support during my first pregnancy! I couldn't have asked for a better OB and a better birthing experience. You have been attentive, empathetic and gave me sound medical advice so that I can make informed decisions throughout my pregnancy, birth and post delivery.   

- Lucy, Frank and little Miranda Lin

  I was first referred to Dr Chia by my cousin. She gushed about her experience with Dr Chia and couldn’t speak highly enough of her experience. My experience like my cousin’s, was the same. She was always on time, though I never felt rushed.She had all the time in the world to answer my questions and made me feel informed and comfortable from start to finish. In the end she delivered my beautiful baby girl in a seamless delivery. My husband and I are eternally grateful and look forward to the possibility of Dr Chia delivering a sibling for Chloe. 

- Linda Calabrese

  Our experience with Evelyn was outstanding. She felt like she was apart of our family and pregnancy journey. Threw every step of the pregnancy she was there to provide support, advice and reassurance. She was always able to make me laugh when I needed it and she has a most caring attitude toward her mothers and their families. Evelyn was able to provide a safe environment for me to deliver my beautiful baby boy James. Both Andy and I are grateful for all Evelyn and Tracey did for us throughout the pregnancy and after, We look forward to having our second child in the future with Evelyn.  

- Jess, Andy and James

  Thank you for taking care of me during the whole pregnancy and birthing period. It was such a pleasant process that your kind personality, patience and professionalism has dispelled all my fears as a first time mum. I have attached a photo of baby Charlotte. Look how cute she is! :) I would recommend Dr Chia to all my friends.  

- Jeanine Wang

  It was a pleasure to have Dr Evelyn Chia and her team to guide my husband and me through our first pregnancy. The professionalism, care, sensitivity, and empathy provided at our appointments helped put my mind at ease regarding concerns I had about the pregnancy and birth. Dr Chia has an excellent referral network and her recommendations for private anti-natal classes (tailored to our needs), pregnancy/women's health physio, prenatal pilates, and services available through the Gidget Foundation provided additional support both physically and mentally throughout my pregnancy, during my hospital stay and beyond. Communication with Dr Chia and her team was excellent; correspondence was always prompt, scheduling of appointments was efficient and it was always lovely to see their smiling faces when we walked through the door. We'll definitely be back for baby #2!  

- Caroline, David & Callum

  This was my first pregnancy and while I was very excited I was also very anxious and scared as I had no idea what to expect. The second I met Dr Chia I immediately felt I was in good hands. Her warm and bubbly personality made me feel at ease. She always had time to answer all my questions. After I had the baby Dr Chia came twice to visit me in the hospital and even brought our baby a stuffed toy. I am so thankful to her for bringing our daughter Ava safely into the world. 

- Candice Cox

  Wanted to firstly start by saying a massive thankyou to Dr chia and the staff for all their support and upmost care during and now even 6 weeks after the birth of our beautiful baby boy Arlo!! You all made the whole experience as first time parents very easy and we knew what was happening every step of the way. Not to mention one of the first doctors I have met that is fantastic with being on time with appointments which is a big thing for us when juggling work and other everyday commitments. I'm so grateful we were recommended by family to meet Dr Chia for our pregnancy and birth. We highly recommended and we will be coming back to Dr Chia once we are ready to grow our family.  

- Michelle and Nathan Rust

  I am so glad that I chose Dr Evelyn as my obstetrician throughout my pregnancy. She is very patient, knowledgeable and professionals. She is also very friendly, so my monthly check up were so enjoyable. She answered and explained all my queries professionally. She has done great job during my ceasarian. She also visited us few times in the hospital to make sure that we are doing well. At the moment, me & my husband are expecting our second baby and we are coming back to see Dr Evelyn. 

- Yuliana Joewono

  Thank you so much for the excellent care that you gave to me and my baby at his arrival. You were so patient with me and I appreciated so much the help and care that was provided to me throughout my 9 months of pregnancy . Choosing to go through the labour with you, I knew that I was in capable hands and although slightly scary I could sense that I was taken care of during every moment. Thank you so much for care though pregnancy and labour, the care that has given me a remarkable recovery!  

- Lots of love Anita and family

  My husband and I are so thrilled that we chose Dr Chia as our doctor to deliver our first baby. Although the pregnancy was complicated we always felt that we were in the best hands and completely informed. Dr Chia was professional, patient and knowledgeable and made us feel completely as ease. Our baby boy arrived safe and healthy and we could not have asked for a more positive outcome throughout our pregnancy journey. We would not hesitate to use and recommend Dr Chia in the future. 

- Kristina

  A massive thank you to Dr Chia and staff for their wonderful, professional, comforting and informative service. It has.made us stressfree and relaxed throughtout our amazing journey.  

- Hitomi

  The entire experience, from the first consultation to the birth of our baby was wonderful. Dr Chia is a warm, compassionate, thoughtful, caring, sensitive, meticulous, professional yet fun loving and with a great sense of humour. She was always there to listen to my concerns and never failed to cheer me up. She was as much a friend to me throughout my pregnancy as she was my obstetrician. During my long and drawn out labour, Dr. Chia was so reassuring, calm and encouraging. She always had a very clear plan which I was always kept fully informed of. I couldn't be happier with my entire birthing experience, thanks mainly to Dr Chia. I will definitely be back to see her for my next pregnancy- God willing!  

- Ange, Yooj & Isaac

  Dr Chia is always in her clinic to see me. When she is away for deliveries, Dr Chia makes sure that kept her progress updated and made it back to the clinic to see me.Dr Chia provides us with delivery expectations and is always patient with our requests or pregnancy checkups. She answers every question we have professionally and within her medical capacity. She arrived swiftly on the day of birth of our darling baby girl. She visited me in the hospital after the birth to make sure mum & bub are coping well. Thank you very much Dr Chia during this pregnancy journey.  

- Ross & Adele

  I’m so happy to have had Dr. Chia as my obstetrician for the birth of our baby boy Liam. Her expertise filled us with confidence and made the whole journey a smooth and positive experience. Her warm, friendly nature always made us feel at ease. I would highly recommend Dr. Chia and couldn't have wished for a better obstetrician.   

- Jade and Joe Heffernan

  Dr Chia gave us the confidence going through the journey of parenthood. She made us feel at ease and secure, knowing that as a mother herself, she has also been on the same journey. So along with her professional advice, she also shares her own experiences which really helped us prepare for the coming of our baby. The consultation is more than just between doctor and patient, but also between mothers. Dr. Chia, as well as Tracy, has been with us all the way, very accommodating, always available and friendly. Overall it’s been a wonderful experience, and I am thankful for Dr. Chia for being part of it.  

- Jerelyn

  Dr Chia is an amazing obstetrician and my husband and I are so grateful to her for delivering our gorgeous girl, Phoebe. I found the whole experience very positive and nurturing throughout the antenatal care, birthing process and post delivery care. Dr Chia was with me every step of the way and was a reassuring and professional presence. I felt I could ask any question and she was always ready to listen and help. I was impressed with the excellent level of care provided by Dr Chia as well as her empathy and kindness. I always felt I was in highly capable hands and my husband and I were so pleased she was part of our incredibly special experience. Thank you so much!   

- Ann Clough

  Guy and I can't thank you enough for the support you provided during our pregnancy and birth of our baby girl, Zara. Your kind, bubbly personality made us feel instantly calm and confident about the birth. We will definitely be back for baby no. 2! :)   

- Anna Sayyadi

  Being our first pregnancy & not knowing what to expect, we wanted an OB who would not only take care of us, but support / guide us throughout our journey. Dr Evelyn & Tracey did not disappoint! Our first appointment we immediately felt at ease & that we had chosen the right OB for us. We found Dr Evelyn to be extremely personable, thorough & efficient. She was always on time for appointments and we never felt rushed out of her office; she gave us her time to answer any questions that we had or explain anything we didn't understand; she talked "to" us and not "at" us & was happy to discuss any particular wishes we had. She was very re-assuring, on the ball & we felt well looked after indeed (particularly when we were diagnosed with GDM very early on & also when our waters broke several weeks early). Her office is conveniently located & well appointed, and most importantly efficiently managed, thanks to the lovely Tracey. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dr Evelyn & Tracey's services! Our deepest gratitude to you both for taking care of us & ensuring our smooth journey.   

- All our Best, Davina, Kris & Baby Dylan

  The initial reason we picked Dr.Chia as our doctor was because she had an awesome website. While that may seem superficial, putting up a dedicated website didn't seem like something other doctors we checked put a lot of effort into. So we thought, if Dr.Chia cared enough about making sure her branding is well-presented, then she must be really serious with her practice. After picking Dr.Chia, a friend of ours also recommended her to us. So it was all meant to be. Professionally, we appreciate that she always sees us on time and always lets us know in advance if there are any changes or adjustments that need to be made to our schedule. Our discussions would always be fun and light-hearted. She definitely knew what she was doing so we were very comfortable letting her take the lead on our pregnancy journey. At the hospital, she would regularly check up on us to make sure Kim was recovering well. With Dr.Chia, you come in as a patient, and leave as a friend. We will definitely come back under her care for our future babies! Shoutout to Tracey as well for being the most organised person we have ever encountered in the southern hemisphere. :)   

- Kim, Meg, and Franco

  Dr Chia’s management of my pregnancy and birth was wonderful. Our appointments, which my husband and I looked forward to, felt like a catch up with a (very professional) friend. Dr Chia’s relaxed personality and genuine empathy made us, as first time parents, feel very at ease. When complications in my pregnancy arose, Dr Chia managed them confidently and thoroughly, going above and beyond to monitor me during this time. During the birth, Dr Chia gave us options and gave medical advice for each option. She allowed and supported us to make the final decision in relation to our birth, assisting us in bringing our precious daughter into this world.   

- Tanya, Scott & Neave

  Calm, caring, positive and decisive. These are the words which comes to mind when describing Dr Evelyn Chia. From the moment we first saw her to the time we saw her at the final checkup she was nothing but the perfect. Its hard to find someone who not only has the patience to put up with a stressed out first time mum, but to be able to speak the same language (Mandarin and Cantonese), we consider ourselves lucky to have found Evelyn. She directed us throughout the pregnancy and was always happy to spend that extra time to answer any questions and allow us a bit more time to see our baby.   

- Ellie and Ning