How to find best private hospital for your delivery 

Sydney has fantastic three private hospitals that are very popular with pregnant women and their families living in the area. These are Mater Hospital, North Shore Private Hospital and Northern Beaches Hospital.

Dr Evelyn Chia holds her antenatal and postnatal appointments locally at her Chatswood clinic. She delivers at any of these three hospitals.

So how do you decide which hospital is best for your delivery? Well, here are five points to consider before you select the hospital for your pregnancy.

1. Speak to family and friends

Whilst every delivery is different if any of your friends and family have delivered in one of these three hospitals, it’s worth asking their opinion. Features like the décor of the delivery rooms and the friendliness of the staff are essential factors in your choice.

2. Which hospital is near to home?

Most women want to be close to their chosen hospital, so you might find that this is your priority. Travelling extra kilometres can be frustrating when you are in labour! With Mater Private Hospital in North Sydney, North Shore Private Hospital in St. Leonards and Northern Beaches Hospital being in Frenchs Forest, it’s worthwhile taking a practice run before making your final decision.

3. Does the hospital manage complicated deliveries?

For example, if you are interested in a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean), does the hospital support this type of delivery and have dedicated operating theatres for the maternity unit?

Do they have on-call anaesthetists for emergencies, and how do they manage complicated pregnancies? 

What if you want a low-tech birth but in a safe hospital environment? 

All of these questions can be answered by Dr Evelyn Chia, but there’s no harm in doing your research about the hospital where you might give birth.

4. Does the hospital have a special care nursery?

Mater Private Hospital and Northern Beaches Private Hospital have level 4 special care nurseries, whilst North Shore Private Hospital has a level 2 special care facility for the newborn. 

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