How to find best obstetrician for your pregnancy

Are you looking for the best obstetrician in your area?

Many women are already aware of their local obstetrical services and have made their decision long before becoming pregnant. After all, your female friends will have already told you about their antenatal and delivery experiences, so it’s likely that you have a few names on your short list.

So how do you make your final decision? Well, here are six points to consider before you select the obstetrician for your pregnancy.

1. The best obstetrician has a great bedside manner

A good bedside manner isn’t the defining factor for selecting the best obstetrician for your pregnancy, but it’s important. That’s because if you don’t like your obstetrician and they don’t communicate well with you, then you won’t be able to form a close bond with them during your pregnancy.

2. They deliver at your preferred maternity hospital

It’s very disappointing if you find the perfect obstetrician but then realise that they don’t deliver at your preferred maternity hospital. If this does happen, then you need to decide what’s more important to you – the obstetrician or the maternity hospital? So you will be pleased to know that Dr Evelyn Chia delivers at Mater Hospital, North Shore Private Hospital and Northern Beaches Hospital in Sydney.

3. They are available for your due date

Many of the best obstetricians become fully booked very quickly, so you need to make sure that your preferred obstetrician is available for your due date. It’s understandable that popular obstetricians can only care for a certain number of pregnant women at one time, so always check that their books are open for your expected date of delivery.

4. Their costs fit within your budget

Whilst some of the costs of your antenatal care and delivery will be covered by Medicare, that still leaves you to cover the remaining fees. Also, each obstetrician will have a different fee structure, so you need to consider your out-of-pocket expenses when deciding on the best obstetrician for your pregnancy. One more point concerning costs is that if you have private health insurance, discover whether it covers the costs charged by your preferred obstetrician.

5. They have experience in high risk pregnancies & deliveries

Whilst no-one wants a high risk pregnancy or delivery, problems can happen that require the expertise of an experienced obstetrician; the best obstetricians have this experience. So you will be happy to know that the management of high risk pregnancies and deliveries is one of Dr Evelyn Chia specialities.

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